Nicaragua registers 21 femicides so far this year

Lidia Lopez B.

La Prensa Nicaragua

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In the first four months of 2019 in Nicaragua there have been 21 femicides. Seven of them have been at the hands of their partners, which indicates an increase of five cases in relation to the first quarter of 2018, according to Catholics for the Right to Decide.

According to the organization, the predominant age of the victims is from 26 to 34 years (6 cases) and from 35 to 50 years (5); while the main aggressors are domestic partners (7) and ex-partners (4). It should be noted that in previous years the victims' partners have led the list of authors perpetrators of femicides that have occurred in the country.


Nine of the 21 femicides were due to firearms and while six resulted from stab wounds. Likewise, two women were strangled and one of their throats cut. In three of the cases the victims were raped.


In this regard, Magaly Quintana, activist of the organization, said that these cases of femicide remain unpunished because the Ortega Police don't care about anything more than repression of Nicaraguans: "This State does not have and has not had the political will to resolve the tragedy that women live and this shows with the level of impunity that remains in most of the cases ".


However, Quintana pointed out that the socio-political crisis that the country is going through -from April 2018- does not influence the lack of justice enjoyed by these crimes. "This is not new, it is a constant, here there is no State that protects the lives of women, here no measures have been taken that contribute to transforming the unequal power relations that is the root cause of this tragedy.".


The report of Catholics for the Right to Decide reveals that the highest number of femicides occurred in Jinotega, Matagalpa and North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, with four in each; followed by Managua and the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region with three each. In León, Rivas and Río San Juan there was one femicide recorded.


As a result of these crimes, 19 minors and four adults were left without their mothers.


The organization also points out that thirty women survived attempted femicides. The majority of these attacks were attempted stabbings (19.)

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