Ambassadors of the European Union exchange stories with children of Laguna de Perlas

Ambassadors of the European Union exchange stories with children of Laguna de Perlas

La Prensa Nicaragua, 5/28/2019

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The "Cuéntame Europa" Children's Festival, in its III edition, came for the first time to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, to Laguna de Perlas. Five ambassadors of the European Union shared experiences and knowledge with 105 children, from fourth to sixth grade, of the Academy of Excellence of Laguna Perlas ("Place" in English).

"Cuentame Europa", is an initiative [with which] the Delegation of the European Union in Nicaragua works in partnership with the Foundation "Books for Children",with the aim of promoting universal values ​​that the European Union defends as as peace, solidarity, equality, freedom, unity and diversity through reading. 

During the event, Ambassadors Kenny Bell of the European Union; Ute König, from Germany; Mar Fernández- Palacios Carmona of Spain; Philippe Letrilliart, from France; and André Bieber from Luxembourg gave the students an interactive tour of the European Union.

They also enjoyed, with the students, a space of storytelling about European authors, which was in charge of two reading promoters of "Books for Children".

"For us to take the children of Nicaragua [high-quality] children's literature is our main motivation and knowing that we arrived at the children of the Caribbean Coast we are very pleased because we are convinced that reading changes the lives of people and, in the case of children, opens their minds and awakens their imagination and their critical spirit, "said Gloria Carrión Cruz, Director of Children's Books.

Donating Books

The top European officials also donated to the Place School" a total of 20 books by authors and illustrators from member countries of the European Union and Nicaragua. Then they shared a Europe Day cake. The activity is a sample of the contribution that the EU and its Member States make together for education in Nicaragua.

The director of Place School, Lissa Powell Taylor, commented that it was an "[honor]" to have shared experiences with European officials. "It has been a privilege, an honor, to have made an exchange of knowledge with them. This visit, without a doubt, will positively influence our students because the European Union is an example to follow in the unit, in setting aside the differences and all being united for the common good, "said Powell.

The sixth grade teacher Servanda Yolanda Pineer remarked that the approach with the ambassadors was "an unforgettable experience that will motivate them to continue in excellence".

In the coming months, this program will visit schools in Nueva Segovia, León and Granada.

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