No Migration of Coffee Tree Cutters


Via La Prensa Nicaragua by Lucydalia Baca Castellón

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Although in recent productive cycles leaders of the coffee sector have attributed the fall of part of the coffee harvest - at least two hundred thousand quintals in 2016-2017 - to which each year it is more difficult to find the workers necessary to cut the grain, now The Higher Council for Private Enterprise (Cosep) considers that what is happening in fact is that other activities are disputing the workforce. "Part of the analysis that is being done is that there is another reality happening in the Nicaraguan countryside, and that is that we are beginning to see, for example in the case of the (African) palm, the production of the investment of the first projects ... and the difference is that the palm requires workers all year ... and the coffee only a few months, "said the president of Cosep, José Adán Aguerri. The diversity of options that agricultural workers now have, according to Aguerri, adds that they do not go to Honduras or Costa Rica either, because here they have been made aware of the benefits they get if they stay in the country.

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