NNN Team

Sezen Onat - NNN Director, Peace Corps, Veteran Aid Worker.

A 2012 alum of the University of Colorado, Boulder, Sezen Onat spent 3 years with the Health Outreach for Latin America Foundation as a general member and veterinary coordinator. Currently serving her third year as a volunteer in the Peace Corps in Panama, she works with locals in the fields of English-learning and is the national coordinator of a university-level leadership development program. As the director of the NNN, she believes strongly that improving communication among the non-profit and government groups in Nicaragua is the most effective way to serve the Nicaraguan community. 

Matthew Jesse Fioravanti - NNN Founder, Vice Director, Director of Technology

Matthew Jesse Fioravanti has worked in Nicaraguan humanitarian efforts for over 8 years with the NNN and the HOLA foundation. Working as a volunteer program director in Nicaragua, Jesse observed first-hand many issues resulting form poor or nonexistent communication between development organizations and between development organizations and local government. As a result, Jesse founded the NNN project in late 2012 as an effort to increase communication and networking between organizations working on the ground in Nicaragua.  Currently Jesse is an MD student in the 2019 class at the University of Colorado in Denver, CO. 


Leah Kellogg - NNN Director of Data Collection and Analysis, MD Candidate 2019

Leah Kellogg is an MD candidate at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and completed her undergraduate studies at Colorado College in 2013. In 2007, she started volunteering in Nicaragua and has since worked with many aid organizations throughout Central and Latin America. During these experiences, she noticed that much of the humanitarian work done in these countries is often not well coordinated. This encouraged Leah to join the NNN team to bring continuity and collaboration to humanitarian organizations and the communities they serve.

Gabrielle Gelinas - NNN Director of Public Relations, Marketing Manager.

Gabby began volunteering with the Health Outreach for Latin America Foundation in 2011, the experience sparked her interest in humanitarian efforts in delivering countries. As a marketing manager she employs her analytical and marketing skills to increase awareness of the Nicaragua Nonprofit Network. She accomplishes this through the use of social media and digital channels, targeting nonprofits and government groups with similar interests. Gabby joined NNN to promote cooperation and coordination between Nicaragua nonprofits for the mutual goal of sustainable development.

Nicholas Garcia, DO - NNN Task Force, Veteran international development worker.

Nic Garcia, one of the original board members of the parent organization for the NNN, the HOLA Foundation, is currently serving as a Captain in the United States Air Force as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in Okinawa, Japan. He is a member of special operations where he puts his skydiving, climbing and outdoor skills to good use. He first started his volunteer work in 2005 as a member of The HOLA Foundation, and has journeyed to Nicaragua seven times since. After graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder, he remained in his home state of Colorado for medical school and attended Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine, graduating in its inaugural class of 2012. He continues to do his best to acquire and share his medical knowledge and experiences with The HOLA Foundation and NNN from afar while stationed in Japan.  

Nicholas Alvey, MD, MPH - NNN Task Force, Chairman of HOLA Board of Directors.

Nick co-founded the HOLA Foundation, the parent organization for the NNN, in 2008 and served as its first Director of Operations for 3 years. Passionate about healthy equity, he is excited about the solutions the NNN can bring to a fractionated non-profit environment that currently exists in Nicaragua. He currently serves as the chairman of the board on HOLA's Board of Directors and is a resident physician of Anesthesiology in Denver, CO. 

Anthony Rossi FACHE - NNN Task Force, Strategic Analyst, HOLA Board of Directors

Anthony Rossi is one of the original founders of HOLA and served as the organization's first Chairman. Anthony is board certified in healthcare management through the American College of Healthcare Executives, and earned his MBA and MS in Health Administration from the University of Colorado. Anthony is a founder of a number of other foundations and is also a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Federal City. Anthony completed an Aminstrative Fellowship at Kaiser Permanente of Colorado and continued to diversify his leadership experience from strategic planning to quality improvement through various roles at Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States. Anthony now serves as Director of Market Strategy at LifeBridge Health's Northwest Hospital in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Eric Baulesh JD - NNN Director of Legal, HOLA Board of Directors

Eric holds his Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law and is licensed to practice law in the state of Colorado. He also holds his Master of Business Administration from the University of Colorado, Denver. 

Eric currently works as an attorney and manager at ViaSat's Consumer Satellite Services Division.  He works closely with the sales and legal departments to structure and prepare complex business deals.  He is excited about the opportunity NNN presents to unite volunteers in Nicaragua and provide superior volunteer services to those in need. Eric is a member of the HOLA Board of Directors and is the Director of Legal for the NNN. 

Emily Martersteck - NNN Task Force, Biochemist.

Emily began volunteering with HOLA in 2010, and served as Director of Operations 2011 - 2012. After living and working in Singapore for a year she joined Harvard University's Center for Brain Science as a Research Assistant. It was during HOLA's annual trip to Nicaragua in 2012 that some big questions arose: why isn't there more collaboration between the many nonprofits that work in Nicaragua, and local infrastructure? Some communities were being overwhelmed with aid while others went completely ignored. Emily was excited to join the NNN's efforts to create a sustainable solution to this perennial problem.

Rose Martersteck - NNN Task Force, Environmental Health Researcher.

Rose joined the NNN team in 2015 after returning from a six-month fellowship in Nicaragua. While earning her B.S. in Health Science from Northeastern University '16, she specialized in public health research, food systems, and sustainable development. As the Director of Public Relations, Rose enjoys crafting bilingual communications that link NGOs with opportunities to collaborate and improve outcomes. In addition to her work with the NNN, Rose is the research coordinator for a multisite study of environmental contamination and its effect on childhood development in Puerto Rico.

David Baulesh DO - NNN Taskforce

David was born and raised in Conifer, CO, and is currently completing his residency in Emergency Medicine in Detroit, MI. He graduated medical school from Rocky Vista University with honors for successful completion of the Global Medicine Track. In 2008, David visited Nicaragua for the first time with a group of other undergraduate students from the University of Colorado. Shortly thereafter, he Co-Founded the Health Outreach for Latin America (HOLA) Foundation and served as the Executive Director for 2 years. Currently he serves on the HOLA Board of Directors and on the NNN Task Force as one of the founding members of the NNN project. 

Jorge Padilla - NNN Task Force, Social Entrepreneur.

Jorge Padilla is a Nicaraguan citizen with experience in social and philanthropic entrepreneurialism. Educated in both Nicaragua and the United States, Jorge decided to return back to his country applying what he learned to try and make a difference. Currently he is working to promote access to clean water for the underserved in Nicaragua by utilizing a unique approach that merges for-profit and non-profit methodologies.  As a result of Jorge’s efforts hundreds of professional water purification systems have been installed in the homes of Nicaraguans with lower incomes and are sustained in active cooperation with the community.  One of Jorge's strength is that he possesses a bi-cultural lens through which he views social responsibility. Jorge is very passionate about NGOs, government entities, and private business working together to increase the transparency of their efforts and to collaborate their programs whenever possible