United Saints Recovery Project

Organization Founded: Dec 2007

City of Origin

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Country of Origin

United States

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Genre's of Aid

Agriculture and Food
Garden Projects
Volunteer Agency
Housing - Permanent
Disaster preparedness and response

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The mission of the United Saints Recovery Project is to help communities affected by disasters and to revitalize economically distressed neighborhoods. Our focus is to assist the elderly, disabled, and otherwise disadvantaged in rehabilitating their homes as well as engaging in community service, art, and beautification projects. We do this with the help of local, national, and international volunteers.

What We're About

The United Saints recovery project was born in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. By 2007, large scale relief efforts in the city were winding down and organizations were leaving. Daryl Kiesow, our founder and director, saw the need for a permanent, locally based organization to address the fact that despite the remarkable scale of the recovery effort, some people still got left behind.
Today, we host up to 900 volunteers each year, delivering over 36,000 service hours of hands-on direct-action projects uniquely tailored to the changing needs of under-served neighborhoods and the people who call them home. Construction, reconstruction, home maintenance, and blight abatement are typical of the projects we perform for individual residents. On behalf of entire neighborhoods, we organize mass community cleanup campaigns, neighborhood beautification, and community art projects. We support the efforts of community gardeners and micro-farms and we pledge a portion of our volunteer power to support the projects of our partner organizations. We also mount mobile responses in times of disaster.



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